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Welcome to BorgWarner Morse Systems

A global technology leader for over 130 years, BorgWarner Morse Systems delivers broad expertise and customized solutions for variable cam timing, chain-driven engine timing systems, and HY-VO® drivetrain chains for front-wheel drive transmission and transfer case applications. With best-in-class simulation, testing and manufacturing capabilities, we partner with engine manufacturers and automakers to provide advanced technologies and award-winning innovations to:

Improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

Saving fuel helps protect the environment. More miles to the gallon also helps drivers, fleet owners and businesses make their money go further. At Morse Systems, we develop integrated system solutions to support major technology trends including:

  • Downsized, direct-injected boosted engines more

    Smaller, more powerful engines achieve better fuel economy and lower emissions. They also generate more torsional activity, more contamination and more chain wear. To make durable timing systems for these tough engine environments, Morse Systems engineers.

    • Improve chain durability by reducing contact pressure and using new coatings and finishes to improve wear performance

    • Manage torsional activity through optimized cam drive designs with Cam Torque Actuated (CTA) phasers, resonance attenuation sprockets and tuned hydraulic tensioners

    • Develop specialized exhaust phasers based on torsional assist phaser technology to help improve turbocharger responsiveness and performance

  • Improved efficiency more

    Engines produce power. The challenge is harnessing as much power as possible to drive the vehicle. Reducing friction and using the energy already existing in the timing system improves engine efficiency, putting more power to work with less fuel and lower emissions.

    • Low friction technologies

      At Morse Systems, we deliver higher efficiency, fuel economy and durability by reducing friction, noise, weight, mass and tension.

      Friction wastes power. Reducing friction improves engine efficiency so that the engine uses less fuel. An added bonus: Low friction also means higher durability and less noise.

      Our product-leading engineers use state-of-the-art testing and simulation technologies to understand where and how friction occurs throughout the engine timing system - engaging sprockets, around arms or guides, between links and pins - and have developed advanced designs and manufacturing processes to reduce friction up to 25% or more. For example:

      • "E" polish (or electro-polishing) links cuts friction 5-10%

      • Precisely curved link backs reduce contact area and friction while increasing contact pressure and promoting lubrication

      • Fine link punching technology reduces variation for less friction between links and pins

      • Optimized chain lacings

      • Hard-coated pin technology, such as carbon-nitriding, vanadium carbide and chromium carbide, improves durability

      • Dual strand tensioning, resonance attenuation sprocket technology and advancements in tensioner tuning reduce tension, which in turn lowers friction

    • Variable cam timing technologies

  • Reduced mass and package size more

    Good things come in small - and light-weight - packages. Morse Systems helps engine and transmission designers reduce mass and size to fit unique package requirements using

    • Aluminum and engineered polymers for lower weight

    • Compact hydraulic tensioners and narrower, lighter silent chains for reduced mass and weight plus durable performance

    • Precisely designed chain geometries to reduce mass

    • Integrated center bolt VCT control valves to eliminate extra packaging space

Enhance performance

  • Reduced NVH more

    Best-in-class silent chain technology offers the lowest noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

  • Improved low speed engine torque more

    CTA phasers actuate more quickly and at lower engine speeds than conventional VCT systems to improve low-speed engine torque, even during engine cranking.

  • Expanded range of phasing authority more

    For even wider calibration opportunities, CTA phasers operate with an expanded range of authority and are available with a mid position lock for reliable engine starts in nearly any potential operating condition with no added active relocking control.

  • Improved chain durability more

    Advanced manufacturing finishes, materials and coatings improve chain strength, durability and wear resistance, even in direct-injected, boosted engines.

    HY-VO chain technologies are optimized for high performance, low mass and durability in a compact package.

Deliver integrated systems solutions

At BorgWarner Morse Systems, we understand the intricate interactions between the various components of engine timing systems because we produce them all, from chains and cam phasers to tensioners and sprockets.   more