Kysor On/Off Fan Drives

With Kysor On/Off Fan Drives from BorgWarner, the fan continues to rotate even if the clutch stops working. In the event of air system pressure failure, the fan remains engaged which prevents the engine from overheating.

These drives have fewer moving parts and an innovative design that improves belt life and provides for easier maintenance—and less of it.

With proper maintenance, a million miles of trouble-free service under normal operating conditions may be expected. Greater dependability keeps you from worrying about costly breakdowns.

Features Benefits
Powerwedge™ clutch liner
Consistent performance resulting in longer time between liner change & dependability
Dynamic torque capacity
Improved cooling capability, enabling it to meet requirements for all new engines since 2002 as under hood temperatures continue to rise
Hub bearing design
Product durability & reliability reducing unnecessary & costly service issues provides better overall performance
Modular clutch design
One clutch for all applications and making it easier to service, saving time & reducing maintenance & inventory costs
Fail Safe™ design
Provides continuous cooling insuring reliable operation preventing  costly breakdowns
Reduced weight
Improved liner life and easier handling due to smaller size & lighter weight


BenefitsVehicle TypeEngine Type
Fuel EconomyPerformanceCommercial VehicleGasolineDiesel